Jani Järvinen
Successfull turnaround and exit CEO.
20 years experience in sales,
technology and
business management.

Phone: +358 50 5288 360
Email: jani.jarvinen@exportin.io

Antti Salonen
Head of Technology
Lead Architect and Co-Founder of Quosis,
first open source success stories of Finland.
Experienced system architect.
Exit from Quosis


Klaus Matilainen
Head of Business Development
Co-Founder. Creative exporter of
Finnish technology who has
been involved in cleantech export
for the last 15 years.

Phone: +358 400 884732
Email: klaus.matilainen@exportin.io

Teemu Uusitalo
Chief Product Officer
Product management expert with over 10 year experience in cloud business.

Phone: +358 50 3079 935
Email: teemu.uusitalo@exportin.io

Kauko Matilainen
Senior Advisor
30 years export expertise,
last 15 years in cleantech export,
export sales of 50+ different Finnish companies.


Aki Koivistoinen
15 years experience in working with
startups, SMEs and innovation
ecosystem actors in multiple fields.
Antti Jokipii
Highly skilled big data architect
with 15 years of experience.
Founder of world’s largest
music metadatabase - Music.info.
Exit from Quosis and Music.info.
Jarkko Vepsäläinen
Head of Strategy and
Agency Lead of Sitrus content agency,
leading pan-Nordic content specialist.
Olli Bräysy
Board Member
Ph.D., Professor of Logistics,
University of Jyväskylä


Tommy Jacobson
Chairman of the Board
Chairman of the board

Former CEO of CLEEN
(Cluster for Energy and

Currently CEO of
CLIC Innovation.

Tuomas Kohila
Board Member
Software Entrepreneur of
the Year in 2006.

Sold Cidercone to Ixonos in 2007.